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Notifications to participants the first week of May 

Download ASELI Overview document here

Special Education Directors

interested in being an ASELI mentor, more info coming soon. 

The Institute is a one-year leadership development program designed to improve outcomes for all students by preparing a diverse group of educators for leadership roles in special education.

Goals of the Institute

Goal #1
To increase the capacity of and retain a network of aspiring diverse special education leaders at the local education agency level to improve systems serving children with disabilities and their families.

Goal #2
To develop, improve, and expand system-level collaborative practices between SEA, LEA, Parent Center, IHE, and other children-serving agencies to ensure the delivery and maintenance of a special education leadership development program.

Goal #3
To increase the number of diverse early intervention and special education leaders at the local education agency level with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to improve systems serving students with disabilities and their families

How does a person apply for the Aspiring Special Education Leadership Institute?
The application period is currently closed for Cohort 5 but will re-open in the Spring of 2025 for Cohort 6. 

Who should apply?
Aspiring leaders in special education (teachers, Department Chairs, Psychs, counselors, principals, etc.), especially those who are traditionally underrepresented in special education leadership, who do not currently have a Director of Special Education license should apply to the Institute.  Applicants should have a commitment to a career in special education leadership and value equity, excellence, and success for our diverse student populations.

How long is the commitment?
The commitment is for one year.

What materials do I need?
All materials including a book, High-Leverage Practices in Special Education, will be provided.

How much time will I have to take off work?
Aspiring leaders will participate in the monthly Institute using a virtual platform.  Prior to applying to the institute, candidates must obtain approval and written support from administration.  The Institute is planned for 1 day a month on weekdays 8:00 - 3:00 (EST).

Will I be expected to travel?
There will be limited travel due to the virtual platform.

What are the expectations of aspiring leaders?

    By applying for the ASELI program, you and your supervisor understand the requirements of this program:

        • attend meetings once a month (typically the 2nd Wednesday of the month)
        • in collaboration with your mentor, keep a professional and vocabulary log
        • attend the Fall ICASE Conference and the Spring ICASE Conference (Registration fees will be covered by the ASELI grant.)
        • engage in discussions during the High Leverage Practices sessions
        • read assigned readings each month
        • protect the identification of students, parents, and staff involved in real life discussions and professional log entries.
    What will the aspiring leaders get out of the institute?
    • PGP points will be issued for the number of hours of participation.
    • Increased capacity in various special education topics
    • A year-long mentorship 
    • A Certificate of Participation and Completion in the Institute
    • ASELI participants who are chosen for this program will receive a stipend, paid in 2 installments. 
    • If substitute teachers are necessary in order for you to attend, ASELI will reimburse the school corporation at a daily rate.


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