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2019 - 2021 Strategic Plan


Create a Product that will Grow Membership:

    • Grow Leadership opportunities
      • Provide mentorships for new directors within roundtables
      • Expand new director’s training
    • Assess the need to add roundtables and or assess map boundaries
    • Enhance the Product by advertising and increasing member benefits
    • Strengthen collegiality among members
    • Follow up with potential members

Meet the Research and Training Needs of our Members:

    • Continue to build collaborative programs and improve communication between the Indiana Office of Special Education and our members.
    • Provide a forum for members to conduct research and obtain information (i.e. caseloads, practices).
      • facilitate surveys
      • house statewide research that will be accessed by members only
    • Provide “certifications” for strands / clusters of special education topics: coteaching, program review, disproportionality, special education law, assessment, IEP development, best practices, program review, universal design for learning, behavior management, special education finance
    • Revitalize a university forum
      • Identify a university contact list
      • Identify purpose of the forum
      • Connect with “grow your own” at IDOE
    • Develop a master plan of professional development topics based on member surveys
      • Define a clear process for determining affiliate members, keynotes, and breakout providers.
      • Invite speakers to roundtable meetings
      • Invite DOE to roundtable meetings


Increase Organizational Effectiveness:

    • Share strategic plan with members
    • Plan for two-way communication with our membership
    • Provide Google group trainings
    • Calibrate information sharing
    • Create a roundtable folder on website
    • Cover standing agenda Items for committees, roundtables, and exec meetings

Increase Connections & Collaborations with Educational/Professional Organizations:

    • Clearly define the roles of liaisons and appointees
    • Add liaison reports to roundtable agendas
    • Provide new roundtable rep and liaison trainings


Continue the Excellent Level of Leadership in Shaping / Advocating for State and Federal Policies, Practices, and Legislation:

    • Clarify to roundtable reps that their role is to gather input and provide reports
    • Provide more training for contacting legislators
    • Provide more form letter examples
    • Update website with Who’s Who? of special education decision makers

Align Expenditures with Goals, Priorities, and the Strategic Plan:

    • Increase percentage of professional development, professional support, and legislative support expenditures.
      • Create levels for vendor benefits with a range of costs
      • Consider revenue
      • Develop fiscal management team to facilitate controls, revenue, and expenditures for strategic growth

The Mission of the Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education is to provide leadership, support and professional development to empower our members in shaping policies and practices to improve the quality of education for all students.

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